About SparEnergiHus

Who We Are

We are a team of specialists in construction and energy saving. We have experience in constructing residential houses as well as warehouses and our main priority is energy conservation and low impact .

With our experience we strive to deliver the best quality for reasonable price. We are dedicated in saving energy and our houses are energy efficient, with lower heating costs and the possibilty of selling energy back to the grid.

Haraldur Johannesson

With over 30 years experience in groundwork, landscaping, construction and heavy lifting, Johannesson leads the company with hands-on know-how.

Guðmar Ragnar Stefansson

Stefansson has over 20 years experience as both carpenter and blacksmith. He has also been construction manager in both small and big projects in various contries, such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

Sigurdur Haraldsson

An certified system administrator with over 20 years experience, Sigurdur keeps the systems going. He is our project leader and has experience in retail.

Gu Hong

Gu Hong is our Chief Communications Manager with vast experience in translation and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. She is the one who oversees all communication with our wholesalers.

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