Welcome to SparEnergiHus

What We Do

We specialize in energy and cost saving houses. We adapt the newest technology to bring cost reduction in heating and energy to residential houses as well as warehouses with focus on renewable energy. With our experience we strive to deliver the best quality for reasonable price. We are dedicated to save energy and our houses are energy-efficient, have lower heating costs and the possibilty of selling energy back to the grid.

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What We Offer

We offer high-quality products from China, from heating pumps to warehouses and everything in between. We utilize geothermal, solar and wind renewable energy to bring down energy cost and reduce CO2 footpront. We offer all our houses with solar panels, windmills and heating pumps, according to our customers' needs. We import garden sheds, grill huts, garages and summer houses, custom made or from stock

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Our Mission

We care about the environment. We care about our customers. By utilizing energy-efficiency, we combine the two and manage to bring down our customers' financial cost of heating while reducing the CO2 footprint by incorperating renewable energy to their environment.

Feel free to contact us to learn more abour our mission.

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